Albert Barra
Lead Hospitality
My passion is to align the right culture in each hotel to achieve their goals and take their brand to the next level
"Behind every successful hotel there are substantial amounts of good 'Coffee',  

but also a good Leader, a lot of talent and a well-done teamwork "

from Lead Hospitality I offer help to hotels that seek to improve their results, the satisfaction of their clients and stimulate the Motivation of the Team to achieve the objectives

  • I help Hotel Owners and their Managers plan work environments and momentum systems focused on producing results and generating quantifiable business growth

  • I develop and align the mentalities and behaviors to create the working environment and culture to execute your business strategy and take your brand to the next level.

  • I help Hotels that seek to improve their Results, the Satisfaction of their Clients and to stimulate the Motivation of the Team to achieve the objectives.

  • Offering solutions and ideas to hotels that imply an increase in revenues, direct bookings, lower distribution costs and an improvement in the value of the life cycle of their clients.

My only objective: To develop in each Hotel the ideal environment to produce results and generate quantifiable commercial growth

  • Operational Skills
  • Talent Development
  • Culture of Hospitality and Brand Integrity

An important part of my professional work is the management and development of people teaching them leadership skills. The quality and skill level of its leaders directly impact on its final result
I offer support in the evaluation of your operational costs and creating a strategy to increase the results and at the same time protect the brand's culture and values.

Through an exhaustive analysis of your hotel, I identify ways to increase profitability and streamline your systems, while improving the experience of your guests and collaborating with your team to ensure your satisfaction.

The performance of all hotels shoots up when all leaders have the right skills and are aligned with the company's business strategy.
I work with hotel companies and professionals in the sector helping them to successfully execute their planned actions and help the development of high potential people by creating a culture of performance, developing responsibilities and increasing team productivity.

Guests assimilate the quality of their experience with their brand based on how they feel.
I help you discover the formula that captures the DNA of your brand to create consistent and memorable experiences for your customers.
When done well, the value proposition of your hotel is indisputable. Left to chance, your hotel is just another hotel with nothing more to offer. To that end, I work to define your brand, culture and values to create automated systems that support your vision of long-term success and to ensure that your employees, clients and investors benefit equally, identifying specific and practical behaviors that are fundamental to success. with a support methodology to reinforce them.

We work together to create a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals and differentiate your brand from the competition.

  • Purposes
  • Values
  • Brand
  • Culture
  • Action and reaction

We start by defining a purpose for your Hotel, or more than one.

Everything we do obeys a 'why'. What is the 'why' of your hotel?

A clearly defined purpose increases the emotional connection of your team with your hotel. Being in this business on purpose and with a purpose is what separates good hotels from big hotels.

Let's identify the non-negotiable values of your hotel.

We all have a set of personal values that guide the decisions we make.

The same applies to hotels. If a hotel does not explicitly share its values with its team, the status quo and mediocrity become a standard of operation.

Your brand is the soul of your hotel.

It helps guide the experience that your employees provide to their clients.

The brand is more than visual attributes or specific components of your hotel. While logos, sources and digital assets are important, it is your team that gives life to your brand and ultimately who transmits it to your customers.

The experience offered by your hotel is a memory that your customers will value and associate with your brand.

The culture of each hotel company is the secret ingredient that separates it from its competition.

Treating your team in the same way that you are asked to treat your clients is your only competitive advantage in the hotel business.

Do not leave this to chance.

How to do what needs to be done, in short, what in the hotels we call Operational Procedures and Service Standards.

Specify individual and collective expectations, clearly defined, that are measurable and quantifiable, processable and automated when possible.

The textbook with which each department operates within your hotel.

A very Special Style

I believe that people achieve great things when they trust them, they are given freedom of action and they are offered the opportunity to make a difference. Specifically, my work culture allows me to achieve better results from passionate people who work together. This approach makes me more flexible, creative and fun to work

  • He coincidido con Albert en La Manga Club y en Villa Padierna, y puedo decir que es una persona innovadora, autónoma, con inmensos conocimientos, experiencia y dominio del marketing hotelero.

    Por ello puedo afirmar que es un gran activo para cualquier empresa de hostelería.

    Javier Oliván

    Directivo Hostelería Socio consultor en OCH - Oliván Consultores de Hostelería Jerez de La Frontera
  • Albert is probably the best connected person in the online travel industry in Spain. He is very hard working, very smart, always aware of the latest technologies, and a good source of information on competition in the Spanish and pan European marketplace. I wish him all the best

    Jean-Charles Lacoste

    Vice President, Direct Connect Solutions, TripAdvisor, Londres, Reino Unido
  • Conozco a Albert hace más de 10 años, cuando en España apenas empezábamos a gatear en conceptos como marketing hotelero, revenue management y posicionamiento web, Albert ya corría a toda velocidad. Tuve la suerte de trabajar con él en la implantación de la web del Hotel Arts en Barcelona, adelantándose 5 años a la competencia en conceptos que hasta entonces no se usaban en España.

    Emilio Ruiz

    The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
  • Trabajar con Albert ha sido una muy grata experiencia: un gran profesional focalizado en generar la máxima satisfacción en su cliente, con una ágil búsqueda de soluciones creativas y una óptima capacidad de liderazgo de su equipo.

    Sira Antequera

    Artist & Owner en Si! Quiero, Wedding & Event Planners, Marbella
  • Excelente profesional con visión global y amplios conocimientos en todos los segmentos, con un sentido de gestión enfocado no solo a dirigir sino a trabajar junto a su equipo.

    May Lopez

    Responsable de RRHH en Villa Padierna Hotels & Resorts
  • He coincidido con Albert en múltiples foros y escenarios a lo largo de mi carrera y siempre ha sido un referente dentro del ámbito hotelero.

    Contar con Albert es todo un acierto y privilegio.

    Òscar Portela

    Director zona Costa Brava Sud at URH & Co Hoteliers
  • Albert is a very creative, technology wise professional. He is up to date with everything concerning hotels. He is a great colleague, fun to work with.

    Roberto Pedrosa

    Regional Sales Manager at Hyatt Resorts, USA
  • Albert es uno de los profesionales más cualificados del sector turístico. Así lo ha venido demostrando desde su faceta personal y en su proyecto empresarial. Contratamos sus servicios con excelentes resultados. Como trabajador en hoteles entiende a la perfección las problemáticas que surgen en el día a día del negocio. Sin duda un acierto.

    Antoni Perpiñá

    Director Business Development en Inspiring Benefits. Vicepresidente IE Tourism Club
  • I can assure that Albert is one of the gurus of the tourism sector in Spain

    Alberto Bosque

    Purchase and Sales Research Manager. Castilla and León. Spain
  • Albert displays a very mature and professional and knows very well the
    market and also the products.
    I recommend very strong and it’s a pleasure to work with him

    Avelina Iglesias

    V.P Sales and Account management at Pegasus
  • Es una de las personas que tienes un trato profesional y dando un trato tan bueno que termina siendo un amigo. He podido ver sus logros personales desde que estuvo en Hotusa y ha sido muy generoso compartiendo su excelente conocimiento directivo además de colaborar en proyectos conjuntos. Albert es una persona muy recomendable.

    Diego Jimenez Pavon

    CEO en INNOVIRIA Málaga

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