Revenue Management has a domino effect, touching all aspects of your business. In fact, any improvement action you want to develop in your hotel, part of a correct management of your income

For each key component to fit, the Revenue Management must be the starting point for each decision you make and each action you take.

My commitment is to work directly with the hotel’s revenue team to cascade innovation ideas and knowledge throughout the organization in order to align it with the Hotel’s Global Strategy

Strategically managing the revenues of a hotel is a priority and key to achieving its objectives.

Aligning the Revenue Strategy with the Marketing and Commercial Strategy is the only formula that allows RevPar increases in a constant manner, year after year, promoting continuous growth, without diminishing the Client’s experience, Hotel Reputation and business sustainability. long term.

My main objective of revenue management is to align my culture with this discipline and create a continuous educational process through which all hotel staff can interact and demonstrate their strengths, as well as identify those areas that will promote the development of new strategic initiatives.

  • Inventory Management
  • Sales strategy
  • Continuous monitoring

Managing inventory strategically in all distribution channels

Review of the sales strategy, including forecast models, reserve rhythm, conditions.

Prices and analysis, including weekly forecasts, price sensitivity analysis, coverage monitoring, demand analysis, distribution channels and ADR monitoring by market segment

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